Runexch Keeps You Up to Date with RS Market Rates

Welcome to Runexch - Your home for OSRS Swap Rates, and More!

Hello world!

This is just a brief post to outline our goals and mission with this blog.  Runexch is a new service which exists solely to keep you informed on in-game swap rates between RS3 and OSRS Gold.  We also now provide up to the minute conversion rates between RS3, OSRS Gold, and USD (real money).  

How Do We Get OSRS Swap Rates?

It's quite simple really.  We use in-game Bond prices to calculate the exchange ratio between RS3 and OSRS Gold.  We can also use these same Bond prices to calculate 1M OSRS or RS3 Gold into USD.  We may look to support new currencies in the future.  This USD rate reflects the price per million you would pay if you bought GP using Bonds.  It does not reflect the price if you use a third party gold website.

Goals and Mission of Runexch

Long term, we hope to bring you a wide variety of relevant market information relating to in-game currencies.  We want to be the #1 source for gaming exchange rates!  Whatever that may entail...  We'll see where it takes us.  For now, all you need to know is that our service is completely free and not monetized.  No advertising, no selling, we just provide you with up to date swap rates.